Saturday, December 9, 2017

If not now

If not now, tell me when
If not now, tell me when.
We may never see this moment
Or place in time again
If not now, if not now, tell me when.

- Carrie Newcomer (If Not Now)

I came across this brilliant, fearless, enlightened American writer, speaker and awesome being, Robert Rabbin, through Twitter. Liked a few of his posts; he followed my account and I followed his.

A few weeks ago, he posted a piece of his, characteristically delightful and open, about being free enough and authentic enough to randomly say "I love you" to anyone you feel like without worrying about how it would look or be received:

I read that post, and wanted to comment "I love you" or "I love your spirit" but held back, because making a comment on Twitter shows up on the timeline of everyone following me and I didn't necessarily want it witnessed en masse. Because of how weird it would look to say that to a stranger on social media which was, ironically enough, the very point of his article. I found out today that Robert passed on this week. On Twitter, he still follows me. But it's too late to say "I love you".

In honour of his diamond light crossing my life, I want to remind myself of all that he stood for, and embody that in my own life. That would be the best way of saying "I love you" to this beautiful soul who lighted up the world with his deeply authentic, transparent and insightful communications.

Here's what he embodied and always wrote about, made all the more poignant by his recent passing and my recent bypassing. Talk about the universe hammering home a lesson!

"• My life span is now. Right here and now is where I play my game, show my game, or lack of one. It’s time for skin in the game, all out, no holds barred self-expression and engagement.

• Stop hiding. This may mean different things to different people. For me, it is just that: stop hiding, you chicken shit. Bring it out, bring it on. But don’t intend to hurt anyone.

• I’m not meant to be “like anyone else.” Authenticity has become more than a word, more than a book title, more than a calling card. It’s the essence of life. Better to be real than right.

• Living in “I don’t know” is a very truthful place to live, and its openness is staggering. A million artists live there, inside your own I don’t know center. You’ll be blown away by what that allows you to say and do.

• A sense of humor: if you don’t have one, get one. Don’t sell your life or your soul for money. If you get some, give most of it away. Live simply. Learn to touch the skin of physical existence. Kiss the surfaces and then the depths of everything. It’s okay to be vulnerable. You can say “I love you” to anyone at anytime. You can cry. You can be silent. You can stop to admire beauty wherever you see it. Make sure you are kind to kids, and give them plenty of attention.
Don’t hold grudges. Your body is smart. Listen to it. It knows.

• Don’t be afraid of deep emotions. Don’t spiritually side-step them. Speak your truth. Say it. Your life depends on it. Rip your skin off and let your guts pour out into the world. Be fiercely loving of life. Live it. Be kind, thank people, help them out. Do what you can.

• Have confidence in your own being. You are a child of Existence!"

- Robert Rabbin

If you feel the impulse to give someone a compliment, give it now.
If you feel the impulse to acknowledge someone's work, acknowledge it now.
If you feel the impulse to profess love to a kindred stranger on social media, profess it now.
Because now is all we have.

No more bypassing. Witnessed or not, understood or not, speak the truth of the moment. "Stop hiding, you chicken shit" - thank you Robert Rabbin for this immortal message. Shine on.