Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Like-minded companions

Last weekend, a group of us happened to meet at the Rogue Elephant café against the backdrop of the still solitary garden next door with its still solitary trees and a waxing moon glimmering over it. There was my sister the theatre person, an NRI-filmmaker cousin, and a gardening teacher from an alternative school sporting an Afro, appropriately nicknamed Zen. A creamy globe of light hung over our table enveloping us in a dull gold aura amidst the dusk of the evening.

In keeping with the mood, we spoke about otherworldly things and questioned mightily and played around with cosmic ideas with the boundlessness of children. Talk got around to manifestation, of creating possibilities out of the infinite void, and Ajay our filmmaker suddenly said, "A year from now, what do you want to have manifested?"

A hush fell over the table. Everyone went deeper within, became pensive, reflective. The energy we had created allowed for that. As if in a solemn ritual, one by one we haltingly put words, perhaps for the first time, to what lay in our hearts, to that unique spark of our being, to what we wanted to make of our lives, while the others listened quietly with complete open attention and interest. 

Then we made a pact to meet at the same place a year later and see how we'd have got on with our visions.

Ah, these meetings with offbeat spirits who have broken out of the matrix, the misfits, the rebels, the creative mavericks - how nourishing it is. Finally you're in your element, your foot is on your native heath and everyone's talking the same language. For once you don't want to be anywhere else. You're all from the same planet and these are your people. The luxury and affirmation of it.

"You and I, we're like four year olds.
We want to know why, and how come about everything.
We want to reveal ourselves at will, and speak our minds.
And never talk small talk and be intuitive,
And question mightily, and find God my tortured beacon.

We need to find like-minded companions."

~Alanis Morissette

One of these autumn evenings, gather your tribe, head to a vintage old home café with ancient trees around it, and give yourself the pleasure of communing with their souls. Though I don't know if such alchemy can be planned. This particular confluence of time, place, persons and circumstance just happened. It was a gift. Being witnessed with unconditional openness while you put words to what is real, what is true for you, and to do the same for others while they bring out the essence of who they are with touching vulnerability, is creating magick of the deepest order.

Holding space for people to embody their highest truths - even for the duration of a short evening - changes lives. I'm pretty sure we'll find this to be true when we meet next year.