Friday, January 22, 2016


there's a Durga in me
who startles by
unleashing herself unexpectedly
a shining sword
a tongue of flame
slayer of foes
feisty bold intransigent
suffering no fools
sufficient unto herself
walking by her wild lone
and waving her wild tail
where so it pleases her
running with the wolves
strong whole and holy
but undeniably badass
and I love her for it

then there's the turtledove
soft sweet and kind
putting herself out for all
caring nurturing sacrificing
effortlessly as only a mother can
this fragrant beautiful lotus
friend of every moment
that's the Lakshmi in me
auspicious delicious butter arising
from the churned cream of virtue

draped in the white
of serene solitude
the Saraswati in me
she's like a star
and dwells apart
in marble halls of mystery
unveiling subtle esoteric truths
in ivory towers of learning
moving amidst the celestial
music of the spheres
with the swan like grace
of her own deep knowing

this triune goddess
is me
is you
is every sister
on the face of the earth
is every woman
phenomenal woman
watch her rise