Monday, April 27, 2015

Seascapes: open wide being free

The sea is fascinating in all its moods - brooding and remote, clear and playful, inviting aquamarine or forbidding indigo. With its golden white sands stretching endlessly, the eternity of sky above and the bottomless depths below clothed in the vastness of blue, it evokes infinitude in every aspect of its being. The ebb and flow of the tide and the ceaseless wash of waves on the shore echo the rhythm of the universe. The sunset that envelopes the eastern shore in pearl pink turns the western shore into pure gold. The waves can sweep you off your feet and crash you onto the shore or lap over you like a lullaby. The jewels and wealth of creatures it possesses in its mysterious depths. How it works its magic of healing and rejuvenation on everyone who enters its embrace. How it imparts its ageless wisdom to the attentive heart.

In the incomprehensibility and mystery of the sea lies its allure. It's almost as if the ocean is a great big metaphor. A metaphor for life itself with its essential uncertainty and unknowing. In its play of short-lived forms on the bosom of the formless depths. In its wildness that is akin to the untameability of the soul. In its invitation to frolic and play as much as to solitude and stillness. The soothing quietitude it induces in the beholder as the essence of each intersect in oneness.

Here's a collection of seascapes taken over the years dedicated to everyone who loves the freedom and miracle of the ocean.