Thursday, March 26, 2015

Training with two little masters

Home all day the kids
Getting up to what kids get up to
Wanting what the other has
Whines fights tantrums
Continuous chaos

Within me
Overwhelm triggering the
Whirring of habitual mind patterns
The jaggedness of frustration
The hard edge of impatience
The surging of anger
The separation from source

The whirlpool starts to turn
Beneath my feet
And more often than not
Unkind words out of my mouth
Unskilful urgency out of my hands
To deflect the discomfort
To banish the situation
As if it was out there
Instead of in me

And then the downer
Oops I blew it again

But sometimes on clear soft days
The gathering storm is sighted
Three conscious breaths
An allowing of all that is
An acceptance of each one's need
No matter how badly displayed
A softening instead of a tensing
A flowing of effortless response
A descending of peace

And so this goes on
Up and down and side to side
This roller coaster journey
This game this war this initiation
This most precious training

And we live to fight another day