Friday, March 13, 2009

No more shots in the dark

I had always thought that vaccinations were an inevitable part of the process of living, as inevitable as taxes and death. I was dimly aware that back in the day, my father had taken a principled stand against vaccinations and had refused to let all his 3 children be vaccinated, but I had dismissed it as just another idiosyncrasy of his. In the course of time I became a mother, and duly took my son around to the paediatrician for his first round of vaccinations. The doctor put my 6-week-old baby on the table, lined up all 3 injections in a row, and injected them into him one after another continuously, one on each arm and one on the thigh, with a nurse pinning him down. He screamed with pain, and at each successive injection that scream was higher and more incredulous, as if he couldn't believe that anyone could be doing that to he couldn't believe that a world that had heretofore protected and loved him could suddenly be turning around and attacking him now. Right after the shots, when he was gasping with shock and keening in an intensive high-pitched way almost like an animal in pain, the doc squeezed polio drops into his mouth, causing him to splutter and gasp even more. Several times he lost his breath with the intensity of the crying. When I went to comfort him after the shots, streams of tears were rolling down the sides of his head and he had a helpless imploring look in his eyes that just went like a knife through my heart. Those cries still ring in my ears, I don't think I can ever forget them...

When my mother gathered him up and held him close, he fell asleep right away with total exhaustion. At home he woke up, nursed and fell asleep again. When he woke up the next time, he was crying inconsolably with pain, and my mother had to walk him up and down and generally comfort him the way she does when he has colic. I checked the package insert of the vaccines and among the contra-indications were listed screaming and high-pitched inconsolable crying, which means he had an adverse reaction to the vaccines. I know doctors dismiss such reactions, and even fever, as routine - but what do they really, really know? They only know what their textbooks and pharmaceutical industry tells them.

I knew what I had witnessed was barbaric. I felt in my bones that there was something profoundly wrong about it. I got out the laptop and plunged into research. I snatched every minute I could, everytime the baby was napping, or was being engaged by my mom, I read and read for days. What I learned horrified me. Presented below are snippets of my research that will give you a general idea of what I learned, and be a good jumping off point should you decide to do your own independent research.

In addition to the viral and bacterial RNA or DNA that is part of the vaccines, here are the fillers:
- animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
- calf (bovine) serum
- human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
- porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
- VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells
- washed sheep red blood cells
- hydrolized gelatin
- monosodium glutamate (MSG)
- phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
- thimerosal (mercury - neurotoxin linked to autism)
- formaldehyde (used for embalming)
- aluminum hydroxide (neurotoxin linked to Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's)
and many other such deadly toxins.

The artificial immunity created by injecting this deadly cocktail into our children is not infallible, meaning people can get the very diseases they were vaccinated against, and it is temporary, which is why the need arises for booster shots. Here is a chilling article on this topic which explains how the sanctity of the bloodstream is violated when the immune system is "tricked" into mounting an all-out response to an attenuated(half-killed) virus or bacteria, something nature would never permit. The incidence of autism as well as other chronic auto-immune diseases like asthma, diabetes, etc. and neurological disorders like ADHD(attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder) and dyslexia among children is growing at an alarming rate, and coincides with the increase in the number of vaccinations routinely given to children. The possible relationship between these diseases and various vaccines has been recognized for a generation. Children whose immunity has been weakened by vaccinations are also subject to constantly returning colds, fluids from the ears/re-occurring ear infections, eczema and various allergies.

Just ponder the contradictions regarding the claim that measles is a "killer" disease:
- A child under the age of five has 0.01 percent chance of contracting measles.
- That same child has a 0.3 percent chance of dying from the disease and a 0.2 percent chance of being autistic as a result of vaccine damage.

Harvard graduate and physician, R. Moskowitz, explains how the live viruses in vaccines can, in the long term, lead to such auto-immune disease conditions. Vaccinal attenuated viruses attach their own genetic "episome" to the genome (half set of chromosomes and their genes) of the host cell, and are thus capable of surviving or remaining latent within the host cells for years. The presence of this foreign antigenic material within the host cell sets the stage for their unpredictable provocation of various auto-immune phenomena such as herpes, shingles, warts, tumors -- both benign and malignant -- and diseases of the central nervous system, such as varied forms of paralysis and inflammation of the brain. This article by Harold Buttram, MD, explains how the MMR and the oral polio vaccines, cultured in chick embryo tissue and monkey kidneys respectively, are highly susceptible to the process of "jumping genes," in which they may incorporate genetic material from the tissues in which they are cultured, that then is introduced into the child, setting in motion an immunologic battleground. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D., stated, "The medical authorities keep lying. Vaccination has been a disaster on the immune system. It actually causes a lot of illnesses. We are actually changing our genetic code through vaccination...100 years from now we will know that the biggest crime against humanity was vaccines."

Here are some sites with excellent informative articles that are a must-read for any parent looking to make an informed decision regarding whether or not to vaccinate their child:
"Dispelling vaccination myths" - - make sure to read the "Closing remarks" section. - Includes comments on the vaccine scenario in India.
"Doctors against vaccines": - this one in particlar is a must-read for those who subscribe to the doctor knows best mentality.
More research and information results for further investigation:

I logged onto my favourite parenting resource, Mothering magazine's and checked its vaccinations discussion forum to see how other parents were dealing with this information - some parents were firm in their decision to keep their child completely vaccine-free, some parents wanted certain vaccines and not others, some wanted a selective or delayed vaccination schedule, some parents wanted to comply with the entire vaccination schedule. I realized I couldn't look outside of me for help in deciding what to do for my child. I had done my homework and I was aware of the latest research findings and the pros and cons of both sides of the issue. Beyond that, I had to do my own soul-searching. I talked with my father about the reasons he had decided against vaccinations for myself and my siblings. He went very deep into the spiritual aspects of the issue, being a Theosophist and all, but his basic conviction was this: The human being is the very pinnacle of evolution, a superb finely-honed instrument fit for the flowering of divine consciousness within it. When animal matter and other toxins are injected into a human body, it defiles the body, because it is a reversal of the thrust of evolution whose impulse is to always flow forwards into higher forms. The introduction of animal matter into a higher organism that is much more finely evolved is a regression, and goes against the very grain and direction of Nature. The latest research findings regarding the side-effects of vaccines support this view.

An extraordinary number of scientists and thinkers have objected to vaccination since its creation including Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Voltaire, Mark Twain, and, in the 20th century, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Gandhi said, "I am and have been for years, a confirmed anti-vaccinationist. A medical man who expresses himself against vaccination loses caste. Tremendous pecuniary interests too have grown round vaccination. I have not in the least doubt in my mind that vaccination is a filthy process, that is harmful in the end."

What underlies this whole vaccination business is a coalition of greed and fear. Greed on part of the vaccine-makers and pharmaceutical industries who keep coming up with more and more vaccines with little or no scientific rationale behind them and no long-term safety studies, and governments blindly serving corporate financial interests over public health concerns. Fear mongering happens as part of the popular social conditioning promoted by doctors, especially paediatricians whose bread and butter depends largely on administering vaccines on a regular schedule. Like someone said, it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!

After lots of discussions, my hubby and I decided not to give our son any more vaccinations. We stopped it completely after that unfortunate first set of shots. I know it is a big decision not to vaccinate our child when the mainstream culture is all for it, but I have made certain decisions to help protect my child as far as lies in my power:
1) Breastfeed until he weans by himself
There is amazing wisdom in this. When a breastfeeding child is exposed to any disease, he passes on the germs to the mother while nursing. The mother's body then makes antibodies for the disease, and in the next nursing session these antibodies are transferred to the child, and the child is able to fight off the disease. So, as long as the child breastfeeds, he is protected by the mother's immune system. When the child's immune system matures (usually around 2-3 yrs) the child will usually wean naturally by himself. Isn't Nature marvellous?!?
2) Eat healthy organic food
3) Maintain a healthy non-toxic atmosphere at home, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually
4) Administer a course of Swarna Prashana, an ancient Ayurvedic method to build overall health and immunity

This article has excellent advice on how to raise a healthy child with a sound immune system. There is a course of homeopathy mentioned in this article titled "Alternatives to Vaccinations" that supports and strengthens the immune system against certain diseases, for parents who are interested in other approaches.

What is sadly amiss in the present day scenario are the skewed perceptions and the lack of awareness of both sides of the vaccine story. Brave new parents of a new generation - educate yourself, do your research, do your soul-searching and then decide what to do. I'm sure coming generations will benefit greatly from carefully deliberated informed choice on our part.


  1. Vaccines = Death! They don't want people to understand that having the various diseases of childhood builds the immune system

  2. I totally agree with you about nursing your child and the wonderful benefits to both the child and the mother,I'm a nursing mother of a 20 month old child. But do you honestly believe that it even protects your child from diseases like Polio and Small pox(yes, its eradicated now and all that).You have only written about the MMR vaccine that is allegedly the cause of Autism in children, what about the rest of the vaccinations?

    To Forced Anarchy above, can you please explain to me how contracting polio as a child will make my child immune to it later on? While I understand vaccinations for measles and chicken pox can sound a bit extreme to few parents (as both measles and chicken pox are not exactly life threatening diseases and mumps will only cause sterility in male children and not actually kill them), I very strongly disagree about not vaccinating your child against Polio and such like diseases.

  3. Impedimenta, very cool you are still nursing your 20-month old, like I am :) Extended nursing is one of the natural things that protects my child, which is why I chose to do it, since that lies in my power. Whether or not it is a protection against the serious diseases that you mention, I don't know, that is not in my power. As regards vaccinations, autism is not the only possible side-effect, there are a host of other accompanying disorders - and to risk all this and not even get a guaranteed assurance that the child won't contract the very disease you are vaccinating against did not seem like a wise choice to me, personally. I'd rather work with nature and take my chances with natural right living.

  4. Very thought provoking post.
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  5. SHOTS IN THE DARK a film by the Canadian National Film Board.

  6. Thank you for sharing Mangala. There is not enough out there that would encourage mothers not to vaccinate - for obvious reasons. I have a 5 year old son. We lived in the States and when he was 1, we decided to move back to India. My personal take on the vaccination dilemma was a)extended nursing up to 24 months b)saying no to combo vaccines and instead, making repeated trips to his doctor at 2 week intervals c)avoiding certain clearly unnecessary ones like Typhoid vaccine

  7. An authentic Special Report, signed by doctors and medical professionals: